I am a Ph.D. student in the Philosophy Department at Sofia University, Bulgaria. My research interests are in Early Modern Philosophy (especially Hume and Kant) and Contemporary Philosophy (Analytical tradition and Sellars). I earned an M.A. degree from Sofia University in 2005. The topic of my Master’s thesis was Kant’s Concept of Transcendental Apperception. My main aim was to discuss the differences between the A and B editions of Kant’s Transcendental Deduction, paying special attention to the structure of the proof in the A edition. In this regard, I discussed the problem of the constitution of the object of perception as a reaction to Hume. My interest in the subject of perception brought me to the problem of the given, and my interest in Kant later brought me to W. Sellars. Currently, I am writing a dissertation titled Sellars and the Myth of the Given. In addition, I am the Continental Europe CFP Editor of the Wilfrid Sellars Society.